How Long Until I See An Increase In My Credit Score With Credit Repair?

Our process is extremely efficient.  We start fast and keep up a consistent pace throughout your service level time frame.  If you hire our law firm today, we should have your first round of dispute letters out within a week.  Since the credit bureaus have 30 days to process disputes, you should see initial results from our challenges in as early as two to three months.  On an ongoing basis, you should see results monthly, as updated by the bureaus.

Remember that this all takes TIME – Following the aforementioned steps consistently over a long period of time will increase your credit score and allow you to qualify for better loans and lower interest rates. Repairing your credit score does not happen overnight, so if you do these things for a few months and do not see a large increase in your score, do not give up. They are all habits that you will want to maintain throughout your life, as they will help you to keep your finances and lines of credit under control.