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R. Sageser

I just met my wife on a business trip to Vietnam.
I told her when we married that I would buy her a house.
Being in the oil business, I lost my job and subsequently my shirt last year,
Attorney Credit Repair. com was responsible for our mortgage approval in
March of 2020, with a rate of 3.2%.  Now I can rest easy because we also
got approved for $20,000 at Nebraska Furniture Mart so that we can furnish our newlywed palace
with furniture.
I was never going to make it fighting the global powerhouse corrupt credit bureaus.
They hung up on me over and over again and when I did speak to someone, it was an overseas employee with broken English and an accent I
could never understand.
I gave up and hired these professionals.
You can bet your bottom dollar if it “does not say attorney, then it’s not really credit repair.”