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G. Hudson

My nephew and I found these guys based on a recommendation from our banker that
specializes in Small Business Administration loans,.
I was sideways with a timeshare that would never go away without professional help,
they had the nerve to bill me to death and report in on my credit profile when I fell behind,
Attorney Credit Repair made the timeshare and a few medical collections vanish.
I was doing okay I guess but now I have the serious scores I need to apply for loans.
Equifax went up 84 points from my already decent score of 697 to 781, which is top tier!
Experian rolled up 85 from 659 to 744 which is also top tier for what I was applying for.
Trans Union up 78 points from 695 to 773.. With mid to high 700’s I am ready for 2021, because
2020 about did me in.