What is credit repair?

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What is credit repair?

Every individual is entitled to a MAXIMALLY ACCURATE Credit Bureau Report, and Credit Score.
Basically, this means that if you can legally remove derogatory items that lower your score, and legally add items that positively raise your score, you are well within your rights to do so.

So, what are the items that you want to minimize or maximize for your personal benefit?

Factors that affect credit scores:
Payment history
Credit utilization
Length of credit history
New credit
Credit mix

At Attorney Credit Repair, by using CASE LAW, we strive to move all score-affecting items in your favor, to create the desired outcome of a constantly improving credit score.

It should be clear when looking at the above, that it is not unilaterally about removing negative items. That will only take you so far.

Attorney Credit Repair supports you by removing and /or adding items that will move you closer to your desired goal of high-level creditworthiness. Ask us how.

Do we cost more that cookie cutter credit repair programs that just address derogatory items with form letters?

Probably not, considering that we finance our sophisticated program allowing you to have a monthly cash outlay that will be about the same as those simple programs.

What should you do now that you believe that your credit score can be increased?


Start at the end: Ask the credit repair processor, or law firm associate, to show you the results of their services for their clients.

If you were hiring a contractor to build a house for you, wouldn’t you want to see one of his or her finished products??

Once you see the results, the costs to get there are only outweighed by the desired result.

If you spend $3000 to get your credit report Maximally Accurate, with a high credit score, but it means you can get a $300,000 Loan that you want, the cost is almost irrelevant.

Talk to us.

See if your life will be better as a result of our Law Firm Services.

It’s just the first step; it costs nothing; you will feel better after taking that first simple step.

We look forward to hearing from you.